How to Advertise Your Yard Sale: Stuff you can Use for Free!

Advertising your yard sale is crucial to its success. Of course there are several different ways of advertising your yard sale, but which are the best? There is plenty of yard sale stuff you can post in newspapers and periodicals; you can advertise your yard sale at your church and local organizations; you can even put up yard sale signs around your neighborhood; but, did you know that there are online yard sale resources like that you can use as well? When advertising your yard sale and the different kinds of yard sale stuff you will be selling, you want to take full advantage of every free resource you have to make sure your next yard sale is a hit.

Yard sales are great for a lot of reasons. In the run of our lives many of us end up with a mass of unwanted stuff cluttering up our homes and garages. Much of it will simply sit there collecting dust until we decide what to actually do with it all. Often a move to a new house will leave us scrambling to unload our unused or extra stuff to make room on a moving truck, or an unexpected bill will leave us looking to get our hands on some extra cash. Holding a yard sale is an excellent way to deal with both problems at once. When the yard sale is over, you will have a lot more space in your home, and a fist-full of cash you can use to pay off those bills.

In order to have a successful yard sale, however, you will need to advertise it properly and economically. Simply holding a yard sale and hoping people will just randomly show up won’t do you any good, particularly if you have a lot of yard sale stuff to sell by the end of the day. Also, in order for a yard sale to even be profitable you will need to attract a decent number of buyers to cover the expenses or materials you will need to advertise it. This is why advertising through free or inexpensive resources is such an important part of a successful yard sale. In order to make sure your yard sale is both large and economical you will need advertising that works, and, most importantly, advertising that ’s free.

There are a number of excellent and highly effective ways to advertise your upcoming yard sale, and best of all much of this stuff is completely free.

Advertise Your Yard Sale with Online Classified Ads and Newspapers

Online classified ads are a great advertising method for your yard sale, and many of these ads are offered completely free of charge. Sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, and Facebook are great places to advertise yard sales, but the best site for advertising your yards sale is, by far, Yardsi is a free classifieds site devoted specifically to advertising yard sales and the goings-on of all sorts of other yard sale stuff in your area. Yardsi lets you post your yard sale on an interactive map that people can use to find yard sales in their neighborhood. Yardsi even advertises the times, addresses, and the nature of the stuff you are selling so you can draw buyers just like a traditional classified ad – except completely free.

Thanks to the fact that Yardsi is free and offering the same services as a newspaper, advertising on should be the first thing you do when having a yard sale. Buyers will be checking for yard sales when the weather is nice, and you want your ad to be there when they do.
Placing a classified ad in the newspaper is a great low-cost way to spread the word about your upcoming yard sale. Many newspapers have special sections devoted specifically to yard sales, so be sure to check your own paper. Also, classifieds give you a chance to advertise the really interesting items that you’re selling, so don’t be afraid to advertise your old trampoline or kiddy-pool – buyers eat this yard sale stuff right up! Even better, some smaller news papers or local periodicals will offer the service for free. Just be sure to list the events, food, and a few of the big ticket items that will be available at your yard sale – those items will be sure to draw lots of shoppers.

Use Road Signs to Advertise Your Yard Sale

One of the most effective ways to advertise a yard sale in your neighborhood is with colorful and eye catching roadside signs. Many yard sale enthusiasts drive through suburbs on sunny days in search of a bargain, and a well-placed sign will help those bargain hunters beat a path right to your door (or at least your yard). As funny as it may be to say this, a brightly colored, neon orange sign advertising a host of yard sale stuff for sale is almost as much a summer necessity as the yard sales themselves.

When posting roadside ads for your yard sale, be sure to make the print significantly larger and bolder than you would for a sign posted on a bulletin board, preferably with the words “Yard Sale” in large bold print across the top half of the sign. Keep in mind that people will be driving by, often at a high speed, so you need to get their attention fast and with as little wording as possible. Be sure to post a large arrow on each sign to direct shoppers to your yard sale, and to make sure they lead buyers directly to your front lawn from main thoroughfares. Placing a sign at each intersection is the best way to help interested shoppers find your yard sale.

It is also a good idea to use balloons and other colorful, eye-catching yard sale stuff to get the attention of drivers. A few colorful balloons tied to your sign will certainly get the attention of everyone who passes by, and will put them on notice that something big is happening in the neighborhood. Make your yard sale signs as colorful and engaging as possible, then drive by and make sure you can read your sign at a distance. If you find that you have trouble reading the signs, go back and make the print larger and the words bolder and easier to read. And always be sure to take down your signs and other advertisements after the yard sale date has passed, because innocent yard sale enthusiasts will show up long after the yard sale is done and be disappointed to find an empty yard.

Post Your Yard Sale in the Church Bulletin

Churches are an excellent resource for advertising your upcoming yard sale. If you attend church services regularly, why not ask the pastor or priest for permission to post your upcoming yard sale on the bulletin board. Most churches will be willing to help their parishioners make some extra money by advertising their yard sale for free. You may even find that the church is willing to post a notice about your upcoming yard sale in the church newsletter. Church newsletters are excellent for word-of-mouth advertising, since so many worshippers share the information they receive with friends, family members and coworkers.

Advertise Your Yard Sale on the Bulletin Board at Work

Many workplaces have bulletin boards where workers can post notices about information like yard sales. Work bulletins advertise everything from ride-sharing arrangements to babysitting services, so they can also make excellent places to post a colorful announcement about your upcoming yard sale and the stuff you’ll be selling. Just be sure to ask your boss for permission before posting the flyer – and remember not to use your office printer to create the yard sale ad itself.

Civic Organizations Love Advertising Yard Sales

If you are a member of a charitable organization or a community group, ask the leader of the group if you can advertise your yard sale with them. Many community organizations publish a list of upcoming events, and getting your yard sale listed there provides excellent local advertising. Also, civic organizations sponsor regular charity events that would be ideal for a community-organized yard sale in which the entire community can take part.

Advertise Your Yard Sale at Grocery Stores

Many community grocery stores have a bulletin board that shoppers can use to post notices, advertisements and other yard sale-related information. The next time you go shopping, be sure to check the entrance and exit of the store to see if such a bulletin board exists. Place a colorful sales ad for your yard sale, listing the stuff you have for sale, the date, a rain date if applicable, and what time the sale starts and ends. If your yard sale ad catches the attention of enough grocery shoppers you could have more than enough buyers to haul away everything you’re selling.

Join a Community Yard Sale

If you live in a planned community, chances are good there is already an organized neighborhood-wide yard sale each year. After all, your neighbors probably have lots of extra stuff they would like to get rid of, too, and a neighborhood yard sale is an excellent way to make some extra money while cleaning out the garage or spare bedroom. Many yard sale enthusiasts love to stop at neighborhood yard sales because they can simply park their cars and walk from sale to sale in search of bargains and other yard sale stuff they can buy at a steal. Community yard sales are also great because they tend to advertise as a group, their many participants often forming the foundation of a yard sale advertising event of mass media proportions. If you are new to the neighborhood, try asking some long time residents about a community yard sale. If no such sale is scheduled, grab a pen and a piece of paper and start going door to door trying to organize one yourself. You may find that your new neighbors will really appreciate your efforts when they head to the bank to deposit all that extra cash they got for their unwanted clutter.

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